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Choosing the right Family Solicitor

21 February, 2019

Once a decision to end a marriage has been made, choosing the right family solicitor is vital, says family law expert Janet Baines.

The early months of the year are a notoriously busy time for family solicitors.  Spring cleaning can extend beyond tidying the house and can present new challenges and a time for reflection.

If part of that is making the decision to end a marriage then the next step is to consult a family solicitor.  But how do you go about choosing the right solicitor for you?

I would suggest that the first step would be to talk to trusted friends, colleagues, other professionals; ask them for a recommendation, or even details of who to avoid!

Many solicitors are members of professional bodies over and above the Law Society.  Also solicitors may be trained in mediation, collaborative law or arbitration and some sit as part-time judges.

So find out a little more about your solicitor.  Check their profile on the firm’s website.  The firm’s website itself should give a ‘feel’ for the firm.

Then you need to pick up the phone and make a call.  You should immediately feel that your call is important to the firm.  It is not always possible to speak to the solicitor who you wish to instruct – hopefully they will be busy with other clients and other cases if they have a good reputation.  But as soon as you speak to the solicitor, whether that is to make the initial appointment or when you see them at the first meeting, it is essential that they put you at ease and that you feel that you have a rapport with them.

You will need to trust them with a lot of personal and emotional information.  You need to feel that the solicitor has listened to your concerns and heard what you have had to say.  You also need to feel comfortable with how they explain things to you, and ensure that they make themselves understood.

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