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Divorce, Separation & Family: Mediation

Mediation can often help both parties reach a workable outcome and also avoid costly and time consuming court proceedings.

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What does Mediation involve?

Family mediation can provide a cost-effective option for separating couples to help find am amicable way forward when a relationship comes to an end.

It is a voluntary and confidential process in which an independent and impartial mediator assists both parties to discuss options for the future to see if they are workable for everyone involved.

Some of the benefits of mediation are:

  • The process tends to be considerably quicker than court proceedings.
  • Mediation is often less expensive than court proceedings.
  • It allows both parties involved more control over how issues are resolved.  The mediator will help you try to find a solution that works for both of you rather than a Judge making decisions on your behalf.
  • Mediation is generally considered to be less stressful than court proceedings.
  • Any agreement made through the process of mediation can be amended if your circumstances change.

How does Mediation work?

Either partner can contact us to get things started or you can make the initial enquiry together.

When the first meeting is arranged, we will discuss what issues you would like to resolve such as children, or dividing property etc. and ascertain if the Mediation process is likely to be beneficial for you both. You can then decide if you would like to proceed further.

What if Mediation doesn’t work?

The majority of people who enter into the mediation process do manage to reach an agreement acceptable to both of them, however, this obviously isn’t possible for every single couple.

If you find you can’t come to an arrangement that both you and your former partner are happy with, there are still other options available if you would like to try and avoid Court, such as collaborative law or family arbitration.

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Janet Baines

Solicitor and Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Mediation is for me?

Generally, Mediation is recommended for any couple going through a separation or divorce except in cases where domestic violence has been involved or where one of the parties would feel vulnerable.

How much will Mediation cost?

Mediation can be considerably less expensive than taking your case to court.  It is difficult, however, to estimate the actual costs involved with any accuracy without knowing the extent of the issues you need to resolve.  We will be able to provide an estimate of costs involved after our first meeting.

How long will Mediation take?

Again, this will depend on how many issues you would like to try and resolve.  After the initial meeting, we will be able to provide you with an estimate of the likely timeframe.

Why choose Storrar Cowdry?

At Storrar Cowdry, Janet Baines will act as your Mediator.  Janet has a wealth of experience in her field with over 30 years as a matrimonial law specialist.  She prides herself on putting her clients at ease and  listening to their concerns.


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