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Here at Storrar Cowdry, we are always mindful of the fact that cases involving children are particularly sensitive and complex.

Our team of expert Family Law Solicitors have a wealth of experience in matters relating to Children and will strive to minimise any distress and resolve matters as swiftly and successfully as possible whilst always considering the best interests of the children.

In many situations, matters can be resolved without the need for Court Proceedings and at Storrar Cowdry we will make every effort to do so.

We have experience in helping  with:

  • Custody & where your children live
  • Access in reference to who can see them and when
  • Financial issues such as school fees and living costs
  • Relocation and the rules and regulations around this
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Personal issues such as name changing

Custody & where your children live

One of the most common disagreements when a relationship breaks down is where the child/children should live. Often now referred to as 'Residence' or 'Residency', rather than 'Custody', this is something our team of expert Family Solicitors can help with.

Ideally the parents should decide together where the children should live and there are many options available including shared residence if this would be in the best interests of the child/children.

Parental Responsibility

Another frequent type of enquiry our Family Solicitors receive is about Parental Responsibility.

Currently the Law says that both mother and father (if they are named on the birth certificate) are considered equally responsible for important decisions relating to their child, however, the rules differ if your child was born to unmarried parents prior to 1st December 2003. In these cases the mother is automatically given full parental responsibility.

Our Family Solicitors can help with advice about Parental Responsibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my case have to go to Court?

No, not always. Court should be considered a last resort and only be necessary where there are obvious child protection issues and/or where the parents are unable to agree on any important aspect of their child’s upbringing.

Do Courts always favour the mother in Residency disputes?

No. Both parents are considered to be equally as important in their children’s lives. If one parent has historically been a child’s main carer, however, this is a factor which will be considered.

What other options apart from Court do we have?

If you and your former partner haven’t been able to reach a decision regarding arrangements for your child/children alone, then Mediation, Arbitration or Collaborative Law might be a way forward.  One of our Family Solicitors can discuss all of these options with you.


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